30 June 2017

NASA: We Do Not Have a Child Slave Colony on Mars. Yeah, sure.

Y'all know only too well that when a government department denies something it must be true, right?

Because nothing could be more true than something (anything, in fact) that comes from an impeccable source like Robert David Steele, who is currently a CeO (Chief Enabling Officer - pro bono, no less) of Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 devoted to teaching holistic analytics (HA), true cost economics (TCE), and open source everything engineering (OSEE). A man, who in his illustrious past (present) has been (is):
  • a clandestine services case officer at the Central Intelligence Agency
  • a Nobel Prize nominee
  • a co-Founder of the Information Warfare Conference
  • invited lecturer world-wide on topics of Cyber, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • USMCR Infantry, Adjutant, Intelligence 1976-1996
  • CIA Clandestine Service 1979-1988
  • USMC Civil Service 1988-1993
  • #2 civilian [dunno what it means, tell me if you know] in USMC Intelligence, responsible for creating the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity
  • best buddy of Cynthia McKinney
This list, presented here in no particular order, could go on and on, I am simply afraid to run out of paper.

So when this man appeared on Alex Jones' Infowars, my major source of entertainment, I sat up and listened. Here are some choice quotes of the latest breakthrough into the murky depths of the NWO* inhumanity.
  • NASA established a colony on Mars to which they shipped kidnapped children over a 20-year space ride.
  • Once there, the “kids” have no alternative but to become slaves at the colony, because that’s just how NASA rolls apparently.
  • Not content with just enslaving said children, NASA also murders some of them for their blood** and bone marrow, after terrifying them first so that there’s enough adrenaline in the blood.
  • This, according to Steele, is a form of pedophilia, which is, again, performed on 20-plus year old kids.
And, you might ask, how come that with all these Mars missions whizzing around the planet***, not a single one has transmitted a single picture of the settlement where the kids are forcibly kept? Mr Steele has a good and true answer to this one:
NASA’s machinations includes shutting off space probes, whenever in the vicinity of the slave camps, so that the rest of us don’t see them.
So you can be assured now, all of the above is true. Only one question remains unanswered for me, and I am rerouting it to CIA, specifically to the person responsible for clandestine services: during these undercover operations, does the cover allow supply of oxygen to the agent's brain?

Oh well, I am afraid that no straight answer will be forthcoming soon. Too bad.

(*) And if you don't know what NWO means, I pity you. Wake up!
(**) Once kids' blood is involved, you know who else is behind all this obscenity, don't you?
(***) If there is a planet, you know: this is subject to proof too. For all I know, the Earth is the only one, and flat at that, all other so called "celestial bodies" being only pictures on the glass dome.