26 January 2017

Secret Service vets shocked. Me too.

Since I pledged to refrain from politics for some not strictly defined time, here is a non-political post, caused by this Fox article:

Secret Service vets shocked at agent's claim she won't take a bullet for Trump

I totally understand the Secret Service people. I am shocked too. After all, why would a person disclose publicly what everyone is thinking? Shame.

And, to illustrate that it is nothing new, here is an old Soviet era story:

Two bodyguards, one of the American president and one of the Soviet premier, meet in the after hours over a beer (a vodka, if you will). "Will you take a bullet for your Man?", asks the Soviet bodyguard. "What, do you think I am crazy? Why would I?", answers the American, "I have a family, children,... And what about you?"

"What, do you think I am crazy? I sure would. I have a family, children,... ", answers the Russian.

As for the public acts that should be shamed, here is another old joke, this time an Israeli one.

Swimming pool lifeguard shouting at a customer: "Sir, I know that everyone pisses in the pool, but why do it from the diving board?".

So there.