15 May 2015

Knesset leak: "what is happening here is a circus"

I wonder whether what is said here is to be considered a scoop:

A source in the Knesset said in the evening that "what is happening here is a circus" after a last-minute crisis between Netanyahu and the two senior members of his faction led to the delay of the Knesset swearing in session.
So what else is new? Nothing much, and even this could hardly be considered news:
Prime Minsiter* Netanyahu, on his part, decried the system of government, saying it must be changed. "It encourages extravagant, excessive demands both by parties and by individuals," he said.
Yeah, all in all we might be better off with the Darwinian process of whittling out the weakest candidates like that one.

Remind  me, please, who wanted these elections in the first place?

(*) Not my typo.