24 May 2013

Moral illiterates weigh in on Woolwich

It has become a disgusting habit of contemporary journalism that every time some deranged yob goes off the deep end with a carving knife shouting Allahu akbar, a battalion of television crews surrounds and lays siege to the local mosque until heartfelt on-air disavowals and loud declarations of civic loyalty are extracted from whichever hapless imam happens to answer the doorbell.

This really needs to stop.
Well, this is about what I, in my simplicity, call douchebags. But better told and better explained, the article being by Terry Glavin. Enjoy. If you can, that is, the subject is slightly emetic.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

There is one excuse for the Woolwich slaying worthy of consideration. It's from Mickey Kaus at the Daily Caller:


In short, it's that so many of these Mooselim killers in the EU are on welfare. They are not assimilated because they don't have to work, so they have lots of time to sit around and read their Korans and get furious about this or that. Until the EU gets unenlightened about the dole, this sort of thing is bound to continue.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I would say that this assumption definitely deserves a close look. Idle brain is the Satan's workshop.