16 May 2013

Glenn Greenwald revisited - still a douchebag

Extremist responses to anti-US atrocities fall into two categories: denial which spawns troofer movements or justification with dismissal. Glenn Greenwald’s latest article is an example of the second category, it’s his automatic response to Islamist terrorism.  When the Oslo slaughter was believed to have been caused by salafis he justified slaughter by writing that Norway “prompted” (defined as to cause or bring about something) the attack. When news about Breivik came to light he changed his tune and decried how horrible the Oslo attacks were since it was now something he could exploit. The only conclusion to make is that Greenwald believes mass murder is justifiable depending on the perpetrator’s political and religious views. He justified the Boston bombings in an article that is an example of Comment Is Free depravity which published articles in support of North Korea and FGM.
This, and much more, by a better person than I'll ever be, who wasn't too squeamish to wade deep into the creepy mind of that character.

So, enjoy reading Glenn Greenwald’s Justification for the Boston Bombings by Marcus Brutus.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

What? President Choom needs to bow and apologize more? Well, he will. Of that we can be certain.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That true.