04 August 2012

Roger Pion (PEE'-on) and the police air conditioners

From here:

A farmer who was arrested last month expressed his displeasure Thursday afternoon in Newport by driving a heavy tractor over seven police vehicles owned by the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department, authorities said. State police estimated the damage at about $250,000. No one was hurt. Roger Pion, 34, was jailed for lack of $15,000 bail...
Here are two of the squashed cars:

The perp was nothing if not thorough in his revenge, and here he is himself:

Looks a bit damaged too, although it's nothing related to the current unpleasentness...

But the main point is hidden in the end of another article about the same incident:
Sheriff's deputies working inside their building didn't know what was happening until a neighbor called 911. They didn't hear the ruckus outside because their air conditioners were humming, then couldn't pursue him because their cars were crushed.
And the lesson to the best and finest is:  install better air conditioners if you want some action, or just keep your windows open. Yeah, and don't pee on Pion.

Do you Roger?


Steafan Dubhuidhe said...

Roger's family has set up a defense fund. Donations can be made here:
Supporters of Roger are gathering here: https://www.facebook.com/RogerPionTheMagnificent

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yes! Let's get Roger back on his tractor!