02 February 2018

Lady Liberty - a result of Jewish conspiracy?

There hardly are many people who don't recognize this statue. Most people, however, don't detect the Jewish conspiracy behind this historic monument. So here comes news for you.

The story of Lady Liberty doesn't start with Jews, rather with French people who initiated the idea and financed the work by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi.

Than it went sideways...

Bartholdi's search for a female face to serve as a prototype for the lady stopped on one Isabella Eugenie Boyer:

who, accidentally (?) happened to be a wife of one Isaac Merritt Singer:

This sewing machine Jewish magnate, inventor, actor, businessman and father of about 23 children he sired with (approximately) 6 women, doesn't play a direct role in the fate of the statue, however an inquiring mind might be concerned...

Then the American side of the story comes in. And the fundraising for the pedestal, where:
Fundraising for the statue had begun in 1882. The committee organized a large number of money-raising events.[81] As part of one such effort, an auction of art and manuscripts, poet Emma Lazarus was asked to donate an original work.
She saw a way to express her empathy for these refugees in terms of the statue. The resulting sonnet, "The New Colossus", including the iconic lines "Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free", is uniquely identified with the Statue of Liberty and is inscribed on a plaque in the museum in its base.
And this is not all, because:
Joseph Pulitzer, publisher of the New York World, a New York newspaper, announced a drive to raise $100,000—the equivalent of $2.3 million today. Pulitzer pledged to print the name of every contributor, no matter how small the amount given. The drive captured the imagination of New Yorkers, especially when Pulitzer began publishing the notes he received from contributors.

Well, it makes four "Zionists" out of five. Well, rather three out of four, if you (correctly) consider Mr Singer to be only a random actor in this story. Although, what with him being an oligarch and all, no normal conspiracy seeking head will discount him, of course.

Now you know...

P.S. Since only Wiki was used for this quick and dirty compilation, who knows which additional names might come up with some more digging. One shudders at the thought.