26 December 2017

Anshel Pfeffer‏, RT and Ukrainian corruption...

A list of terms used in the headline first:
  1. Anshel Pfeffer: a nice guy of Haaretz (picture above), prone to bloopers and not always at home, but nice.
  2. RT: a Russian version of Alex Jones' Infowars, but with much more money.
  3. Ukraine: an ex-republic of the late Soviet Union, now an independent country. Mostly, because parts of it are being either "restored" to Mother Russia or are in the process of restoration.
Oh, did I mention that our Anshel is a dork? Yes, I see I did in a way, but no matter: it bears repeating. So here is a new blooper from our poor mixed up Anshelke:

And what do we learn from this Twitter post?
  • That ISIS downed an Egyptian helicopter using a Russian missile.
  • That US sells similar missiles to Ukraine.
  • That Ukraine is corrupt. It is kinda rich, coming from Moscow, but let it go for now.
  • That the missiles sold by US to Ukraine might end up in the grubby hands of Middle East terrorists. Which hands are already full of Russian missiles. Hmm... creates a conflict of marketing interests, it seems.
Er... did I mention that our Anshel is a dork? My memory is not what it was back then.