30 November 2017

Social justice advocates' hourly rate

This is really phenomenal: the goddess of Political Correctness in overdrive.

The blow-up involves the university seeking $10-an-hour students who would be responsible to focus on “the mosaic of diversity, multiculturalism and inclusivity,” including creating and maintaining bulletin boards in residence halls.
But the bigger concern is that the successful applicants would be reporting bias, a description that led to comments that students are going to be spying on each other.
Denial level is about 99 in the university:
“The position has been mischaracterized,” Scott told Capitol Media Services. She said the aim is to provide support to students, especially in dormitories.
“It’s an opportunity for students to come to student peers, share their experience, and for that student peer to either counsel them on how to report that bias incident through the Dean of Students’ website, or that the student peer may report the bias incident directly,” she said.
Snitching for $10 per hour, in other words.
What is the minimum wage in Arizona, by the way?
Just asking.

And - wouldn't it be better to pay per each reported microaggression?
We don't want paid underperformers, do we?