25 November 2016

Julian Assange Jewish?

This is one of the more persistent search strings that brings some surfers to this place. So it is time to satisfy people's curiosity. Here is the picture of Julian, taken recently in the unnamed street in Jerusalem.

Surely you understand that we couldn't let our hero rot in the embassy in London.

As for your next (and expected) question: who is it that is enjoying the Ecuador's hospitality for all these years, the answer is simple. One of the Elders' understudies volunteered to do it. Besides, we have some things to check out re Ecuador, so it is not a total loss. Another 10 or so years, which is nothing compared to the usual lifespan of 180 - 190 years our agents enjoy, and, after a fake death notice, the body will be transported, ostensibly to Australia. Due to an engine trouble the plane will make an emergency landing in Tel Aviv etc... you know the drill.

We promise that the man will be promoted, maybe even to the rank of senior understudy.

Anything else you want to know?