17 October 2016

Vyacheslav Andreevich Likhachev

Likhachev calls himself a "historian and a public figure".  Born in Russia, a citizen of Ukraine, he lives in Jerusalem and is funded by Israeli taxpayers. Having graduated from the "Jewish University of Moscow" (whatever the hack it is), Likhachev is now an "expert" on racism and antisemitism, often quoted by Jerusalem Post and the like.

Let's hear out what our expert has to say about Rivlin's visit to Ukraine:

- Я бы, конечно, такой хуйни не напорол бы [I wouldn't have fucked it up like that].
- Хамство! [Rudeness]
- Израиль на голубом глазу пытается приватизировать память Холокоста и право говорить от имени его жертв.  Ривлин родился в Иерусалиме, а его мама из Англии, папины предки жили в Эрец Исраэль  с начала 19 в. какое он вообще имеет отношение к Холокосту? та я бОльшее имею.  Бабий Яр - украинская боль, трагедия украинцев, а не Ривлина, он приехал кому-то что-то по этому поводу рассказывать?  с хуя ли? [Israel is trying to privatise the memory of the Holocaust and the right to talk on behalf of the victims.  Rivlin was born in Jerusalem, and his mother is from England, his father's ancestors lived in Eretz Isroel since the beginning of the 19th century, what has he got to do with the Holocaust?  Even I have more to do with it.  Babi Yar is Ukrainian pain, Ukrainian tragedy, not Rivlin's, he came here to tell something to Ukrainians?  What the fuck?]
- Украинцев не было среди растреливавших евреев на Бабьем Яру. [There were no Ukrainians among those who shot Jews at Baby Yar].
- ОУН, в отличии от СС, никаким судом осуждена не была [OUN, unlike SS has not been condemned in any court].  
Just a few of comments on the above:

1. Likhachev's swearing is pathetic.  Russian slang is far, far richer than this.  What did they teach at the Jewish University of Moscow?

2. Likhachev hasn't read the speech he is criticizing, if that is the appropriate term for our expert's stream of shit.  In the speech Rivlin stated why it's personal:  his wife's family was murdered in Ukraine.

3. At issue is the honouring of mass murderers, which is ongoing in Ukraine.  Three months ago a major avenue in Kiev was renamed after Stepan Bandera.   Rivlin had to say what he said.

4. The talk about "privatization of the Holocaust by Israel" stinks all the way to heaven.

5. Likhachev's credentials of a "historian" look a bit dubious.  Thousands of Ukrainian Auxiliaries took part in the mass murders at Babi Yar at every single step from seeking out Jews to arresting them, goading them, forcing them to undress, murder and destruction of the evidence.

6. 1.5 million people were initially identified as the potential candidates for War Crimes Trials.  In the end only a handful actually stood trial.  There were practical and political reasons why the vast majority of mass-murderers got away scot free, not least that very few people really cared. That does not stop Stepan Bandera and his cohorts from being responsible for mass murders.

7. I feel for the Israeli tax-payer who is funding this expert. .

Subsequently Likhachev justified UNESCO's antisemitic and anti-historic Temple Mount resolution by linking to a slightly tasteless video from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs but that's another story.


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