17 January 2011

A short keen for Israeli Labor party

It is with great sorrow mixed with grateful feeling of deliverance from years of suffering and neglect that we are witnessing the final breath leaving the tortured body of the Labor party.

And to the intrepid pair of the famous commando Ehud Barak/Benjamin Netanyahu that delivered the coup de grâce almost 40 years after the Sabena rescue (see the photo above), our heartfelt thanks again. No matter what manner of political skulduggery you two are (or have been) devising, this act of mercy will be counted in your favor in the final balance.

As for this:

Netanyahu: This gov't will be around for years to come

Couldn't we spend this sad and momentous day without marring it by dire predictions? Can we all just hold hands and sing something silly, sad and melodious? Please?


David All said...

I hope the Israeli Labor Party will be able to recover and this is not their end. Thought of Netanyahu's govt. being firmly in power for years to come is a depressingly thought. The worse the current govt. behaves the more it seems that Nizo's proposal of two years go to replace the leadership of both Hamas and Fatah with goats should also be done with the Israeli govt. as well.  

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Looking at the remains of the Labor party - 8 MPs that hate each other and are squabbling like there is no tomorrow, I tend to doubt they are able to survive politically, let alone to recover the party.