08 June 2010

Comparing Gaza to Warsaw Ghetto

I am ashamed to admit it but in the past I sometimes doubted even such respectable people as UN officials when they compared Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto. Well, I am mensch enough to admit it when I am wrong. The following video of a Gaza establishment confirms it. Very clearly a major humanitarian crisis. In fact it can't be compared to Warsaw Ghetto. It's much, much, much worse!

Here is the official link to this reputable establishment:


And do check out the menu in case you happen to be in the region. Is it any wonder there is such urgency in breaking the blockade? Probably takes one of those boats just to supply this place with steaks.

The good news for European, American and Israeli taxpayers is that the Hamas-run territory does appear to get by with the help of your dollars.


Anonymous said...

I see devastation- no ketchup. Send in humanitarians.

Dick Stanley said...

At least the poor devils should be allowed a few bottles of Worchestershire Sauce.

David All said...

Yes, definitely worse than the Warsaw Ghetto!