31 October 2005

The Booksellers of Tehran

WSJ is getting its knickers twisted about the Persians exhibiting "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" in the Frankfurt book fair. Together with Henry Ford's "The International Jew" and some other similar shit.

So? Why worry? I mean, people in the know understand quite well that the Elders' goal of taking over that whole stinking globe by year 2000 is already like 5 years behind us, and some jerks who still think that they do something of their own free will are just what they are - poor deluded jerks.

So somebody in the Elders' department of remote control decided that it is time to re-publish the Protocols to remind some poor souls who is the boss. Why bother, especially in WSJ (after all we all know what that J stands for, don't we?).

For example, I personally am responsible for that Iranian pres and his verbal incontinence. Do I make an issue of it? No, it is just a job for an aspiring intern in the Elders' small fish department.

Come on, people, be cool... Here, take a look at this book and relax. Everything is managed by the best.



GideonSwort said...

Actually, it was my department (the Younger Elders) that took care of that Iranian Pres guff. We placed a chip in his brain some years ago, while he took the shortened assassins course at Mossad HQ in Teheran, just before he became an active field agent, following the return of Khomeini. The chip was old technology, before miniaturization took hold. The actual device is about the size of a fist, which meant we had to take away quite a lot of grey matter to make room for the implant.

Anonymous said...

Gideon, must be some mistake. I received Iran as a barmitzhah present years ago. Hadn't played with it for a while.........and, well, there you go!