11 April 2007

The Zionist Lobby Is At It Again

Ah, the all-powerful Zionist lobby (all very nice chaps, BTW). How much sleep has the Muslim community lost over their diabolical schemes and criminal conspiracies?

Prince Turki Al-Faisal, former Saudi ambassador to the United States, accused the US Congress of being “the center of hostility” in America toward Saudi Arabia.
“The reasons for that are many, the first of which is the Zionist lobby in the United States,” Prince Turki said at a symposium entitled “The Role of Diplomacy in Political Crises,” organized by the Saudi Association for Media and Communications here yesterday.
Of course, the Joos have pulled strings (boy, do they know which strings to grab ahold of!) and treacherously set the US Congress against Saudi Arabia - it is the only satisfactory explanation for the existent hostility that comes to mind on such short notice. Why would anyone dislike that oasis of a country, famous for its boundless tolerance, deep respect for human rights and human dignity? Surely Saudis have much more in common with Americans than the Joos? It is a no-brainer.
He said that the lobby was powerful and had a direct impact on the decisions taken by members of Congress. “The lobby supports and encourages Congress members to take hostile stances toward Saudi Arabia,” he said.
I can only congratulate Prince Turki Al-Faisal on having such an extraordinarily agile mind. Yeah, the Joos are working really hard - morning, noon and night - to ensure that the most powerful nation on Earth remains a faithful friend of the Jewish people. We, the Joos, had to go through thick and thin throughout the course of our turbulent history, marked, in the main, by pain and loss. We have learned a great deal from our experience and become wise enough to stand up for our rights just in case. "Never again" is our motto - and, relentless in our desire to secure a bright future for our people, we are sticking to it at all costs.

Cry me a river, dear Prince. There are practically hordes and hordes of nosy lobbies roaming free in the US Congress, all pushing their agendas and slaving for the interests of their communities, businesses and whatnot. You are welcome to join the fray and beat us at our own game.

Anyway, I see nothing inherently evil about supporting and working for your homeland. Do you?
Prince Turki said that before Sept. 11, 2001, public surveys showed that 45 percent of Americans believed that the Kingdom was a friendly nation. “After it was announced that 15 of the 19 hijackers who took part in the attacks were Saudi, public surveys showed that 60 percent believed that Saudi Arabia was a hostile country,” he said.
Are you genuinely surprised? Contrary to the rumors, Americans are not blithering idiots: They woke up and smelled a rat in a jiffy. The hate-filled literature imported from the Holy Kingdom, Wahabbism, the ban on churches and synagogues (and lack of religious freedom in principle), vicious misogyny - the list goes on and on. Americans are renowned for their open-mindedness indeed, but their brains haven't yet fallen out of their heads.
“Americans are people of good will. They are tolerant and are not prejudiced and come from different backgrounds,” he said, adding that despite their biased media, the American people have the tendency to search for the truth and listen to both sides of the story.
The same cannot be said about Saudis. Give me a call when the first full-blown church is founded in the land of Sordid Wahabbia.
Prince Turki said that it was important to cooperate with Amnesty International despite its hostile reports about alleged violations of human rights in the Kingdom. Preliminary approval was given to the human rights body to visit the Kingdom and preparations are under way for a future visit, he added.
Notice the word "alleged". WTF?
“We fear nothing. We are not closed. And we do not cocoon ourselves...Unfortunately, after Sept.11 our traditions, customs, and religion were put under the spotlight,” he said. He pointed out that the establishment of the Saudi-US Strategic Committee on the government level had positive impacts on “sealing many of the gaps between the two countries.”
Of course, Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim world as a whole, is not closed. It would be a tall order indeed to find a more open, tolerant society in the world. I - a cunning, narrow-minded Zionist with insatiable lust for blood - can only bow my head in shame, for my lot is to only dream about such moral excellence.