14 April 2007

Islamic Hate Film Gets PG Rating

A PRO-TERROR hate film that urges children to martyr themselves in Islam's war on the West and calls Jews "pigs" has been rated PG by Australia's censors.

Sheik Feiz Mohammed's DVD box set, which also calls for the murder of non-believers, was initially seized by Federal anti-terror police.

But the Office of Film and Literature Classification has ruled that The Death Series is suitable to be bought and watched by children.

The shock decision has seen the nation's peak censorship body slammed as weak and out of touch by family groups and the Jewish community.

Does the West have any guts left to actually defend its way of life and all the values we hold dear? Our plentiful weaknesses are being exploited here and there, but many westerners seem to be oblivious to the happenings. What will it take to wake them up?

Any instance of "Islamophobia" (whatever it is) is decried and denounced to an absolutely ridiculous extent, yet Muslims are given the green light to spread unadulterated hatred and issue passionate calls to arms.

Are we insane?