26 April 2007

Yes, he has it coming, I say...

Isaac Shrodinger analyzes here the Richard Gere Indian mishap.

I say, folks, let's put aside all these cultural - shmultural issues for now. Let's talk as real red-blooded, beer-bellied, couch potatoed men.

Doesn't it make your blood boil when all of your nearest and dearest people of female persuasion without exception (yes, including SWMBO) start swooning the moment his name is mentioned? Making you feel like... like... a beer-bellied... I have already been there, I think.

So, I say, the sooner Indians put their mitts on him the better. A few months in the nick and let's petition them, as a special favor to all males on this planet, to give him a nice head shave.

Yeah. That will learn him...