01 April 2007

Bloggers Nabbed!

We've just heard through our Elder Liaison Office that following a piece on False Dichotomies, Alex and Seth were just nabbed by Israel's Internal Security Services (Shabak) for allegedly supplying Mordechai Vaanunu with a professional blond mimsy. They have both been taken into custody at the Russian Compound and are facing an unpleasant shakedown.

Our contact revealed that the two gullible new immigrants took pity on the isolated nuclear whistle blower, when interviewing him for a blog article, after he complained bitterly that he hadn't had intimate relations since he was nabbed and put away behind bars. The agent stated that they were prompted into rapid action once Seth had put up his blog piece, and are now in the process of taking legal action to remove the blog.

The agent revealed that Alex and Seth pretended to be away from Israel once they suspected that the services were on to them. However, they were easily located using the chip implants that every Israeli conscript is injected with ("IDF inoculation injections").

Update: There is an uncertainty re the text of this communique, since a typing error slipped into it: the text "Seth had put up his blog piece" should be read "Seth had put up his blond piece".