27 April 2007

How do you call this?

This short and succinct post Farewell, Sweet Prince by gnotalex reminded me of an old joke:

Q: How do you call a boy who killed and ate his parents?
A: An orphan.
About 20/30 years ago this joke was just funny (well, for most of us). Today, in our advanced stage of political correctness, many will not consider it a joke at all - rather a part of that all-inclusive manual of political correctness. Says gnotalex:
Leave it to the moonbats at Daily Kos to come up with this weepy eulogy for theVirginia Tech shooter:
Cho lived in shadows, deep and dark. He attended classes at a prestigious University. He was a scholar, a writer.
Read the rest of gnotalex's post. Then read the eulogy, it is a must.

And then decide for yourself how you want to call this, cause I am not telling.