26 April 2007

Help us to save Hugo

While valiantly defeating the continuous efforts by CIA, Mossad, MI5/6/7 to assassinate him, taking all these efforts in his stride and laughing at the darn imperialists, Hugo Chavez a.k.a Comical Hugo is afraid of one man only on our planet: the arch-terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

President Hugo Chavez on Sunday said Venezuela will lodge a protest in the United Nations over the release of Cuban militant Luis Posada Carriles from a US jail, accusing Washington of letting a terrorist go free. Venezuela has asked the US to extradite the 79-year-old former CIA agent to be tried on charges that he plotted the 1976 bombing of a Cuban passenger plane in which 73 people were killed.Chavez also charged that Posada has been plotting to assassinate him for years, and accused US President George W. Bush of complicity in failing to bring Posada to justice.
Here is a recent picture of Carriles (doubtlessly a man one wouldn't want to meet in a dark place):

Just look at that homicidal stare and the bulging muscles of Comical Hugo's enemy number one. Clearly, poor underfed Hugo, as you can see in the picture below (the red feathered chap, not to be confused with the green-feathered partner):

does not stand a chance against a murderous assault by Carriles.

I say, let's pass a hat around and ensure that Carriles is placed in a most secure environment and that his motorized wheelchair batteries are not charged. Otherwise it will end in tears.