28 April 2007

Weekend laze - unfinished questions

Having a good lazy weekend means, between other things, not necessarily having to finish your thoughts. So you will have to...

A 116-year-old Ukrainian goat herd claims his long life is down to never having had sex with a woman. Grigoriy Nestor, from the village of Stariy Yarichev, close to capital Kiev, said: "According to my Christian beliefs there is no sex before marriage, so I never had a wife. I believe that's why I have lived so long, that and the fact I have never been curious."

He told local newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda he had only been to school twice when he had visited his local primary school for two days and learned to write his name. He added: "The less you know, the longer you live. Ignorance is long life and happiness."
So maybe it is really the lack of edu... ?
His entire life has been spent tending his goats, he said.
And how about the... ?
Thousands of rich Japanese women were conned into believing lambs were valuable miniature poodles. Flocks were imported from the UK and Australia to be sold by an internet company as the latest "must have" pet.

The scam was rumbled when movie star Maiko Kawakami complained on a talk show that her new poodle refused to bark or eat dog food. She showed photos of the animal and was devastated when told that it was a lamb, reports the Sun.
Does anyone know how her hubby... ?
A Croat footballer turned up for work to find a flock of sheep waiting for him.

Defender Ivica Supe scored 16 times this season for third division Zagora FC unaware that the club's sponsor, Josko Bralic, a local shepherd, had promised a sheep for every goal scored by a defender.
Surely you know a few other teams that could bene... ?
A German man has admitted living in the woods near Berlin for 28 years after his girlfriend threw him out of their flat. Konrad Schmidt, now 60, said: "My fiancee threw me out and so I came here and have been here ever since. I don't want any contact with people, I get a bit of money collecting bottles people leave in the woods and that is all I need."
Unbelievable! Do Germans really throw away bo... ?