04 April 2007

Simon says...

In what appears to become another installment of the Simon Says series with Simon Tisdall in the role of the Guardian's political guru, I would like to be short and to the point.

So - Simon says:

To say Iran has become an obsession for Israeli leaders is an understatement. Tehran's sinister hand is seen in all the key problems facing the country, including Hizbullah in Lebanon and Hamas in Palestine, and in the fostering of what Professor Amnon Rubinstein calls Israel's "sense of abandonment surrounded by a rising sea of Islamism".
Leaving the part of professor Rubinstein out of the story - how do you like that "sinister hand" gimmick? By an elegant gesture, that purported Iranian involvement in Hizballah and Hamas business is made looking ridiculous and, in fact, being a fruit of somebody's imagination. Deft.

I wonder, if something (anything) bites Simon on his rosy arse, does he call it sinister or does he call for a bobby?