19 April 2007

The bannana controversy

This is not a typo, so don't get your knickers twisted, please. This is the real, live bannana controversy, and you shall see why immediately:

The happy poster that brought the controversy to our attention, supplied and explanation for the feeble minded atheists:

The Atheist's nightmare is....a bannana. Actually, this is a famous argument that shows how God created fruit for us to eat.
So now you know everything about the design and the designer. The poster forgot to add that in his infinite wisdom, the deity also created a Joo who invented money, a Scotsman who invented the automate and a Yank who put bannana, money and automate together and this is how we have that infernal vending machine that, in its finite wisdom, sometimes agrees to spit out a (usually either too green or too rotten) bannana in exchange for some of our hard earned money.

Unfortunately, that same deity forgot to equip the humans with a spelling mechanism, but he/she is getting to it, via Bill Gates.

I think that BEAJ will be delighted to see this clip.

P.S. Do not forget to read the comments under the clip - priceless!

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