21 April 2007

A few links to enjoy and share

A bit of a problem here: with a long blogroll list it is impossible to provide a comprehensive review of any value, so please keep in mind that this is just a random selection.

Roland tells how happiness displayed by some of the left by the tragedy unfolding in Iraq put him off the left.

Cyrus describes a new conspiracy theory: it appears that these bloodthirsty Israelis killed Alan Johnston. No matter that Johnston seems to be alive meanwhile - it never hurts to have a good conspiracy theory ready.

Gabriel Shoenfeld asks in Contentions how good is CIA? I always thought that this bunch of bunglers is as good as any other in wasting the taxpayers' money, but....

D.C. Thornton tells about the new atrocity to be unleashed on the world by the fatso Michael Moore - this time about the wonders of Cuban health care. Read the first comment - it is enlightening for those who want some enlightenment. Then go see the crap - if you must.

Daled Amos throws a wrench into a mechanised blessing machine - simple and elegant!

Soccer Dad explains to us, uninitiated in the intricacies of the US politics, the difference in the stance of Republicans and Democrats on Israel. I guess I know (or I know I guess) whom Soccer Dad is voting for...

Hakmao helped me to find another common feature between smoking and religion (I do perfectly well with the former replacing the latter for me). The places of worship should bear the standard Surgeon General (or Generalissimo or whatever) warning, it looks like...

Raphael discloses the homicidal nature of the Thai Buddhists. Smashing.

Dr. Sanity elaborates on some finer points of Jihadi education, plan for some breathing exercises after reading. Heady stuff, pun intended.

Westbankmama on our magnetic qualities. So why no girl (well, almost) invited me to dance in my teens?

And for dessert, of course, Akaky Akakievich Bashmachkin who joined another fine crowd, having his house promptly flooded as a punishment (I guess).

Enjoy. Share. Be of a good cheer.