24 April 2007

Stumpy - the glimpse of our future?

This whiny tree-hugger article decries the incident that happened to Stumpy, the four-legged duck.

Stumpy the famous four-legged duck has lost one of his claims to fame.

He is now a three-legged duck after getting one of his extra limbs caught in his pen, reports Metro. Stumpy caught the media's attention worldwide after he was born at the Warrawee Duck Farm in the New Forest, Hampshire.
Of course, neither the media, looking for an easy digestible scoop, nor the owners of Stumpy were imaginative or far seeing enough to understand that Stumpy is a humble beginning of what could be a brave new world of dinner table harmony.

Imagine the future, where an average Western family (Mom, Dad, a son and 0.8 of a daughter) sit around the table and don't have to fight for a chicken leg!

I submit that all available resources of modern science be dedicated immediately to an in-depth research into Stumpy and that a new generation of four-legged chicken, ducks and other assorted poultry be developed as soon as humanly possible.

Table fights no more!