08 April 2007

Muslims Play Part In Easter Parade For First Time

First off, I wish a happy Easter to all our Christian comrades. And here is an Easter story for our friends:

A traditional Easter parade in Spain broke new ground by allowing Muslim prayer beads to be entwined in the hands of a statue of the Virgin Mary.

The Virgin of Hope was paraded through the streets of Ceuta, one of Spain’s two north African enclaves, with a string of Muslim prayer beads entwined in her hand, an unprecedented step during the yearly Holy Week celebrations.

I absolutely welcome such gestures of goodwill, hoping that one day Muslims will graciously return the favor by allowing Jews and Christians to openly display and practice their religion in the Muslim world.

I think that this motion does a great job of capturing the spirit of modern-day Christianity (except for the Russian Orthodox Church, sorry) impeccably - goodwill, openness and benevolence. Keep up the good work - and hopefully Israel will one day become one of the beneficiaries of this attitude.