26 April 2007

I am afraid Akaky is right... again

The Eternity Road Colloquium #1 post is worth reading in its entirety. Curmudgeon has asked a few questions that are being asked lately with growing frequency:

What are the prospects for an Islamic Reformation that would allow Europe to live in peace with its Muslim immigrants? Is it possible to imagine such a development in the next few decades? If not, what's the most likely outcome of the Old World's current social strife?
There are several contributors to this post, you are bound to disagree with some of them. I have chosen (well, as usual) to quote here the response to the last question by Akaky Akakyevich:
3. The most likely outcome of today's social strife is even more social strife. If Europe's history is any guide to its future, sooner or later Jean Marie Le Pen and men like him will eventually be swept into office by frightened European voters who wonder what ever happened to their countries. What happens next? I dont predict a repeat of the events of 1942-45, but a repeat of 1492 seems entirely possible. It's not like the Europeans havent done this sort of thing before, you know.
Aside of saying that I am very afraid that Akaky Akakyevich is right and wisely nodding my noggin, the last thing I wish for is having an opportunity to announce "but we said so, remember".

But saying "never again" is much easier than confess that this slogan has lost any meaning almost as soon as it was aired...