11 April 2007

The cost of attractiveness and other miscellany

If you thought that being vertically challenged is just a matter of higher heels, think again:

Similarly, according to the study, a 5-foot-0 guy would need to make $325,000 more than a 6-foot-0 man to be as successful in the online dating market. A 5-foot-4 man would need $229,000; a 5-foot-6 man would need $183,000; a 5-foot-10 man would need $32,000. And if that 6-foot-0 man wanted to do as well as a 6-foot-4 man, he’d need to make $43,000 more.
And if you thought that "offending material" really offends a lot of people, think again:
The Ayrshire-based cable firm mistakenly aired the pornographic content, from adult channel Climax 3, to customers for two hours until the mix-up was discovered at midnight and the plug pulled on the offending material.
It looks like for the duration of two hours no one was offended, doesn't it?

To Rachel for the two items above .

And speaking about offending, an anonymous person sent around the following picture:

This one is not going to get a prize for political correctness...