19 March 2007

University Cancels Talk On Nazi-Islam Link

LEEDS, England, March 15 (UPI) -- A British university canceled a talk about purported links between Nazi and Islamic anti-Semitism, claiming security problems.

Matthias Kuntzel, a German political scientist, was scheduled to speak Wednesday night at the University of Leeds as the introduction to a two-day workshop on "Hitler's Legacy: Islamic Anti-Semitism in the Middle East." He was told during the day that the event was off, The Telegraph reported.

Two members of the German department accused the university of caving to pressure from Muslim groups.

At the same time, many folks from the catacombs of the academe have virtually no problem carelessly throwing around comparisons of Nazism and Zionism. Might it be due to the fact that Zio-Nazis are not so Nazi-like after all and do not routinely liquidate their martyred critics?
"I was told it was for security reasons -- that they cannot shelter my person," Kuntzel said. "But I don't feel in any way threatened. I know this is sometimes a controversial topic but I am accustomed to that and I have the ability to calm people down."
I am reflecting upon the following question right now: Has the time arrived for us to introduce amendments to our policies? Perhaps we also should start rioting, throwing childish temper tantrums and making all sorts of exorbitant demands, as this modus operandi is decidedly bearing fruit in the Muslim community.

On the brighter side, it is encouraging to see that the unbridled anti-Semitism of the Muslim World has not escaped the attention of at least some clear-sighted individuals.