20 March 2007

To the unsung hero of virilty

Have you ever wondered who was that man (I can safely call him a man without fearing another accusation of male chauvinism in this case) who braved the unknown and agreed to make the first big step in that epic journey to the enrichment of human life and some (partial) recovery of male ego? I mean, of course, the advent of SEDs (sexual enhancement drugs) that entered our lives to stay forever, not the least in the form of countless spam that inundates our e-mail inboxes.

So, if you forget for the moment the myriads of lab rats, cats, dogs, baboons etc. who were the first to experience the joy of modern living - who were these valiant males of humankind who agreed to take the first pills? Surely you don't know. I think I have got an answer, even if inadvertently, from one of the above mentioned spams. Here it is:

Marco Kennith Mcwilliams... 7 times yesterday... Say what you will, but the man is a giant. And humanity must be greatful to him forever. After all, he is, most probably, the first (but not the last) SED addict. And there is no hope for him whatsoever...