13 March 2007


From Haaretz ticker tape:

14:01 Iran issues new bank note with a nuclear symbol embossed on it (AP)
From an unidentified source: Bank of Israel issued a new bank note, apparently as a countermeasure:

That zero on the bank note is obviously a hint at the ground zero...

From Haaretz article on strange goings-on in El Salvador:
The Foreign Ministry recalled Israel's ambassador to El Salvador, Tzuriel Refael, after he was found in the back yard of his residence naked, drunk, bound and gagged, it emerged on Monday.
A person cannot do anything in his backyard anymore without police getting onto his act...
According to reports, San Salvador policemen, which guard the ambassador's residence as a matter of course, found Refael inebriated, with his hands tied, his mouth gagged with a rubber ball and carrying accessories that implied he had been involved in sexual activity.
A glaring inconsistency here: if his hands were tied and his mouth gagged, how could he carry "accessories"? I suspect sloppy police work.
In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said it views the incident very seriously, and that the ambassador had been recalled after he was given the opportunity to explain himself.
It seems that they have decided to take the rubber ball out after all. It could have been a mistake...

One thing should be explained by the Foreign Ministry: what is it they have against the spirit of Purim-shpiel?