16 March 2007

That's a new one

President's defense lawyers claim police investigators did not ask him if he wanted to be stripped of his immunity, and therefore evidence was collected against him in violation of his immunity. All the evidence collected by the police against President Moshe Katsav is illegal and should be rejected, the suspended president's defense attorneys have said. This claim will serve as the president's new line of defense, which will be presented in a hearing expected to be held to Katsav by Attorney General Menachem Mazuz in May, and later at court, should he be officially indicted over alleged sex offenses.
This rabbit comes from a legal hat of a master, surely. However, not being of legal persuasion, I cannot predict whether it will hold up in court for more time than it takes the judge to say "Bushmills straight, no ice". (Sorry, it is St. Patrick day's influence. I wanted to say "argument dismissed".)

Anyway, the linked and quoted article, as if accidentally, carries the following ad:

Surely using the good services of JDate would have been a better and safer way to make friends and influence people than what is described in the thick evidence file?