13 March 2007

Poor service no more!

A revolutionary remedy against bad service was invented and tested in Morocco on March 11.

A man who was prevented from looking at terror Web sites by the owners of an Internet cafe blew himself up with explosives hidden on his body, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said Monday.

According to the MAP news agency, two men entered the cafe Sunday seeking access to terrorist Web sites. When the owner's son forbid them from doing so, one of the men suddenly blew himself up, MAP reported, citing the Surete Nationale police.

Remember the date, since it is a harbinger of a new future: one of polite, responsive service that doesn't know the meaning of the word "no". From now on, this simple device* will solve all consumer problems:

  • The service person taking care of you has been rude?
  • The quality was not up to your exacting standards?
  • There was no ketchup to go with your fries?
  • The promised new camel was not delivered on time?
  • The receptionist refused to upgrade you to the executive floor under false pretense?
Now you have a perfect solution that will transfer you in a jiffy to the world were everything is perfect. And, with luck, take that service person along - to see how it should be really done.

(*) Distributed gratis in all local branches of BBB (Better Business Bureau)

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