29 March 2007

Britain takes Iran to UN, woman sailor remains captive

LONDON (AFP) - Britain took the escalating crisis with Iran over 15 captured sailors to the UN Security Council Thursday, as Tehran withdrew an offer to free the only woman detainee.

Iran also demanded an apology from London for what it said had been an incursion by the British navy.
Some especially zealous Iranians want more than just an apology:

Yeah. But back to apologies:
The logical solution ... is for the British authorities to accept the reality, present their apologies to the great Iranian people," armed forces spokesman General Alireza Afshar was cited as saying by the semi-official Mehr news agency.
Iranian people are great indeed, the problem is they are lead by a bunch of shitheads that should really be executed. To start with the one in the quote below:
The head of Iran's supreme national security council, Ali Larijani, earlier said the only woman captive, Faye Turney, would not be released because of Britain's "incorrect" attitude.
Correct attitude for Brits should be rather different. Like to blow a few Islamic Revolutionary Guard boats out of the water. But this is considered bad diplomacy these days.

Too bad.