14 March 2007


Stricken by grief, the Elders' community parts ways with one of its chief targets:

We cannot add a lot to what his buddies from Guardian say:

Nicknamed the "weathervane" for his ability to shift as it suited him - he went from championing state control in the 1970s to Ronald Reagan's free-market liberalism in the 1980s, from nuclear testing to eco-champion, eurosceptic to euro-defender. He was dogged by the sleaze scandals from his days at Paris city hall, which saw some of his closest associates convicted of corruption. He claimed immunity as president, but even after he leaves the Élysée palace, he is unlikely ever to see serious sanctions.
He was a man after our, admittely black and shriveled, hearts, in short. And we really don't know what we'll do without him. Apathy and confusion rule our HQ these days.

And, since confusion was mentioned... where is that... uhu... here:

We'll never forget you, Jacques - we swear on this sacred image.