08 March 2007

It is so eighties!

That feeling of dejavu all over again did not leave me for the whole day since browsing through the Guardian headlines of March 7 (and no, this is not the usual Guardian - biting exercise, so relax). To start with:

Clinton, eyeing, women... Of course, it appeared to be another Clinton, but the headline takes a few seconds to adjust to...

Same generals, same foes.

The spirit of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is alive and kicking, it seems (this is the second time I mention this name in two days, hmm...). In any case, this eternal threat is always a good pretext to milk some money for a conference in some exotic place (like Washington DC in this case).

Somewhat unusual method of settling one's accounts with one's mother in law, but the motif is easy to understand.

It looks like the spiritual link between the Borgia family and KGB is getting only stronger with time. And trying to pass the blame to US is so typical...

Yeah... I want to remind the authorities that I am a proud and lawful owner of 5 acres of pristine land on the Moon since sometime in eighties, and I believe that a discount on a Picasso that will grace my future lunar home fireplace is only fair.

And of course:

Looks like a nice and timid scapegoat, doesn't he?

So - what else is new?