18 March 2007

Haveil Havalim #110 is...

The normal way of finishing that headline will be with the word "up". This, however, does not seem to fit the case. A toddler stands up for the first time, a sitting person gets up (tiredly, of course), a sick man lying in bed gets up after an illness. All these cases are hardly applicable to the situation where a humongous Haveil Havalim from the main factory where the first Haveil Havalim was designed and created, turns all its turrets and trains the big guns for a broadside.

Probably the more suitable term will be: Haveil Havalim #110 is here. And you better not stand in its way, just sit down, prepare your favorite food and drinks and get going. Lest it keeps you busy till Pesach, and who will prepare the haroset then?

And this is the first opportunity to wish us all Happy Pesach. And to say thanks to the mighty one (I mean Soccer Dad, of course).