21 March 2007

How do you say "homosexual" in Polish?

This is how. No, it is not a new Polish joke, it is for real:

The Polish government is to ban discussions on homosexuality in schools and educational institutions across the country, with teachers facing the sack, fines or imprisonment.

Mr Giertych, the leader of the ultra-conservative League of Polish Families, a junior coalition partner in the government of prime minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, said the aim of the proposed law would be to "prohibit the promotion of homosexuality and other deviance".
Yeah, well, whatever. Let's be silent about something and it will just go away. I hope Mr Giertych does not cover his head as well, in order not to see the "deviance". Cause a deviant might just happen to be around...

And these ambitious plans do not stop with Poland.
Poland's education minister, Roman Giertych, has said he hopes to introduce a similar ban across the entire EU.
Be fun to watch...