26 March 2007

New Ehud, new Bibi

That's, of course, our new Ehud, reinventing himself by holding his poor innocent grandson for the whole duration of a meeting with his supporters.

Former prime minister Ehud Barak, a leading candidate for the leadership of the Labor Party, addressed supporters Sunday, presenting himself as the candidate to contend against Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu as the next prime minister of Israel.

"We will return to lead the country, and not in the too distance future," he told a crowd of 1,500 supporters at Kibbutz Yakum in his first public address in months.

"Without us there will be a terrible vacuum that will threaten the Israeli democracy, and without us it will be Bibi and the Likud as the political defaults," he said, referring to Netanyahu by his nickname.
Of course, Bibi is mirroring this speech with his own supporters elsewhere. And you know what - both of them are right in this amazing case!

Why don't they just slug it out one evening behind a pub and leave us alone?