10 July 2006

To our Arab colleagues

Perusing the satirical content of the Arab newspapers is a thankful job, due to unquestionably colorful material, the broad brushstroke, the freedom of expression that reigns there. At least where the Jooz are concerned. Ynet has done a good job selecting some more brilliant examples of creativity.

Being of an open mind and friendly demeanor, the Elders' Hasbara department decided to help our colleagues with some minor technical details that may create an impression of shallowness on the side of the cartoonists, if not corrected in time.

To start with this cartoon:

It is supposed to depict the rivers of Palestinian blood, no need to explain who is the culprit.
Two remarks:

  1. The color of blood should be more... er... bloody
  2. Zionists do not regard blood with such slothfulness. Jooz will never let the blood flow away free. From time immemorial the blood spilled by enemies of the Jooz is regarded and treated as a vital resource. We collect it separately, according to the age, gender and health state of the deceased enemy. Nothing is lost.
The next cartoon:

This cartoon is delicately hinting that the Jooz perpetrate their usual unspeakable behind the smokescreen of the Mondial. That's true, of course: there is no better smokescreen than Zinedine Zidan headbutting an opponent. But please, do not come to a hasty conclusion re Zidan. He is not our agent, just a puppet of our mind control techniques. As are many others. Definitely all the judges, to start with. You may have experienced that sense of total bewilderment by some of their decisions, so now you understand the reasons.

But the important point is that we do not restrict our dastardly acts to football. You should have seen our mind control team in action during the last Olympics! So keep it in mind and try to develop a broader view.

Now to the last one:

That Palestinian dove - shouldn't it excrete Qassams instead of eggs on that cartoon?

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