08 July 2006

That's one unsquare dude!

I need to pay more attention to the goings-on in Russia. One could miss a very important event and find oneself completely out of the picture and without a dry towel.

The story started here: Russia's Putin Kisses Little Boy Walking Through Kremlin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin astonished a young boy when he stopped by during a walk through the Kremlin. Despite the current political pressures about Iran and the G8 summit scheduled to hold in Russia in two weeks, Putin still found it necessary to exchange a words with the little boy before lifting his shirt to kiss him on the stomach, All Headline News reports.

Aside of the surprising insistence of Mossnews (essentially a Russian media outlet) that the deed was done by a Russian Putin, as if there were several more non-Russian ones, the story did not overwhelm me. After all, I myself was known to kiss some people on their stomachs. Although, come to think of it, the people I have treated that way were grown-ups and not of male persuasion. And I have almost never done it in public places, aside of some emergency situations.

But then the confusion and the uncertainty started to spread. Of course, the trouble-mongers of the Western press refused to accept the explanation, like in Putin fails to explain kissing boy on stomach:

After a week of frenzied speculation across Russia, President Putin finally explained yesterday that he had kissed a young boy on the stomach in the Kremlin because he wanted to "stroke him like a kitten".

"People came up and I began talking to them, among them this little boy. He seemed to me very independent, sure of himself and at the same time defenceless, so to speak, an innocent boy and a very nice little boy," Mr Putin said. "I tell you honestly, I just wanted to stroke him like a kitten and it came out in this gesture. There is nothing behind it."

So what's not good enough with that answer? No only is this journo a snooty Western capitalist running lackey dog, he is also a cat-hater to boot, apparently. For me, as a cat lover, it is a perfectly reasonable explanation. In the absence of an available cat, Putin has had to do with material at hand, so here.

But then this Times character shows off his expertise in all matters Russian:

Russians occasionally kiss babies on the stomach, but almost never five-year-old boys.

Wow, man! That was real deep, I say! Almost of par with the news that Muscovites are known to wrestle white bears on the streets of their city, both the bear and the Muscovite being under influence.

Anyway, the silly attempts of the Western MSM to throw a shadow, to divert attention and to pass the blame are doomed to failure. And Vladimir Vladimirovish is most definitely one unsquare dude. I see a new trend here, and the sooner the Western politicos start kissing boys on the stomach the better.

They can start training with their staff's stomachs in the privacy of their offices. Under supervision of a trained nurse, to prevent apoplexy and knee injuries.

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