01 July 2006

Premeditated? Sure!

The tanks are not rolling yet, but the ink in UN is flowing and the air is expended like there is no tomorrow.

And of course, the pure lambs of Palestinian Authority are already sticking their wounds in the face of the world.

The Palestinians accused Israel of launching a premeditated military assault to sabotage Palestinian unity and collectively punish and terrorize hundreds of thousands of civilians.

Well, there must be at least a grain of truth in what that character in a suit is saying: surely we are meditating on the situation with Gaza for the last ten months, since disengagement. So the current operation could be called premeditated, sure.

And re collective punishment: who was it that promised to turn Sderot in a ghost town?

And for dessert from the same Haaretz article (first link):

Arab and Muslim states Friday put the Palestinian territories on the permanent agenda of the United Nations Human Rights Council, overcoming Israeli and Western objections to singling out alleged abuses by Israel.

A resolution to re-examine the issue at future sessions, brought by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) easily won passage at the 47-member forum.

Easily, what? UN-shmun...

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