14 July 2006

Mutual and consistent respect

I do appreciate the dependability of it all - it can be carved in granite, a reliable expression which ultimately and traditionally sums the UN's stance vis-à-vis Israel... Consistency.

"Annan is sending a U.N. team to the region,"

Don't get me wrong, I'm not pitching a victim's perspective here, I think that the relationship between Israel and the UN is one of mutual respect. Israel respects the UN's right to consistently take the side of whomever Israel is engaged in a squabble with. A rapport where the UN will entertain any notion condemning Israel, even when Israel is not the aggressor. In fact Israel might very well respect the UN's intrinsic right to forgo condemnation of any given act of aggression against Israel, and move directly to denouncing Israel's retaliatory actions.

"but Olmert said Israel will cooperate only if the team's objective is to return two Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah earlier this week and to implement Resolution 1559."

I'm am nonetheless absolutely confident that Mr. Annan deeply respects Israel's sincerity, and appreciates the conviction in which Israel cordially remains consistent and acknowledges that Mr. Annan and the UN have remained dependable and reassuringly predictable in their latest condemnation of Israel's actions.

Furthermore, I'm positively certain that Mr. Annan respects, understands and appreciates that the UN's latest condemnation was in all likelihood noted by Mr. Olmert, and may have possibly even been considered, momentarily.