15 July 2006

An open letter to the Lebanese bloggers

There are Lebanese bloggers, some outside of the country and some, who's courage I admire, inside the country, that do not save scathing criticism of the Lebanese government that turns a blind eye on Hizbullah - that cancerous growth that de facto occupies the south part of the country for so many years and even succeeded to push its cells into the parliament and the government itself.

Some of the bloggers even call upon Israel to destroy Hizbullah. To make it disappear.

Sorry, folks, I understand your pain and am concerned and worried about the loss of innocent lives and the damage to your beautiful country. I am not at all sure that aerial bombardment preferred by IDF could win this battle against the enemy who knows perfectly well how to disappear after a dastardly deed. Aside of destroying some worthless Hizbullah bases and some minor missile arsenals, this is a largely worthless activity that causes the innocent Lebanese to hate us more and even support the despicable gang.

But here it stops. IDF is not and cannot be a subcontractor for the Lebanese government and the Lebanese people. Granted, for many years IDF was passively watching the Hizbullah build-up on the border, without moving a finger. But at the final count it is the Lebanese internal issue, and if you couldn't or wouldn't do anything about it - too bad.

I hope that a temporary compromise could be reached in the current crisis. But in the long run there is no alternative to the Lebanese getting the guts and the muscle required to clean the south and to destroy Hizbullah - once and for all.

Lebanon made a first step on the road to independence, getting rid of the Syrian military. But Iran, via its Syrian proxy, is still reigning unchecked. It is up to Lebanon and its people to make the next step.

And good luck to you. Israeli people do not harbor a grudge against Lebanese people, and we all hope that the time will come when we'll be able to meet in Tel-Aviv or Beirut and exchange some friendly insults as men do over a beer. But meanwhile - stand up to that Hizbullah menace. And get rid of it.