03 July 2006

Haveil Havalim # 76 is up

But first let's start with something different here. The picture above is not just a moderately good snapshot of a beautiful girl. Nor is it a representation of an Israeli view. Not even a mix of both.

This picture is a witness to a temporary presence in the Middle East of a most condensed source of energy known to the modern science. This source is known as Irina Tsukerman and it is changing the face of blogging as we know it. In a few years this source is going to revolutionize the modern jurisprudence, write several books on unrelated subjects (each of them will easily change the life of any person who reads it), break a few thousands hearts of American (and probably Israeli) males, give a new face to NYC and all this only for starters.

Now you can start to imagine what the last Haveil Havalim prepared by Irina looks like. Take a day off and get some food and drinks stocked before you start.

Thanks Irina.

P.S. In the comments to HH 76 some naive soul opined that the preparation of this humongous HH took a lot of time. He he. My guess will be about 5 minutes for this supercharged lady...