08 July 2006

No children for war?

This article on CNN site drew my attention not because of its contents - most of the stuff is reported by other MSM sources, but because of a photo gallery attached.

The capture under the first picture says:

An injured boy is brought to a hospital after an airstrike by Israeli forces on Beit Lahya.

(To clarify: Beit Lahya is a village which environs are used by the Gazan rocket scientists for their Qassam launches.) That is tragic in any circumstances: children should not be hurt by the stupidity of the grown-ups. As a side remark, other grown-ups that take care of the wounded children could save some crucial time by not posing for the cameras, but it could be hardly helped, knowing the modus operandi of some local tribes.

But then comes the second picture:

And its capture is:

Two Palestinian militants fire during a gunfight with Israeli soldiers Thursday in Northern Gaza.

(To clarify - this is where the village of Beit Lahya is located.) If you disregard the theatrical posturing and the non-military handling of the rifles, and concentrate instead on counting the people in the picture, you shall come to inescapable conclusion: there are some children there that hardly belong in a firefight.

Any ideas about the connection between the two pictures?

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