21 May 2008

No, really - don't disturb

Them intoxicated Trots are a mixed bunch, this goes without saying. Take, for example, this piece of muscled writing which... what the heck, just read it:

The mystical kernel of all religion is inherently hierarchical, discriminatory, and exclusionary, monstrous, archaic, persecutionary and retrograde — a fusion of fascism, populism, forgery, hysteria and excrement — reactionary, pre-modern and primitive.
I am not sure about fascism, cause I just don't grok what fascism is anymore, but that part about excrement is spot on.

On the other hand, there are some limp-wristed members of intelligentsia that put out stuff one has to peel like a freaking onion.

First they call upon Elders to deal with something. Of course, one needs some proof that the case is worth intervention. I mean, we need to know why before we decide what. Because what is quite simple - it is either a mind control team or one of our friendly reptilians. But no, instead of straight talk, we are sent over to some article in Jewish Journal, by one Brad A. Greenberg, Senior Writer - no less. The piece is about professor Kevin MacDonald of California State University Long Beach, one rabid anti-Semite, it appears. So what does Brad A.Greenberg find out about the professor?
These are strange credentials for a man who in person seems every bit a slice of Midwest Americana. Part German, part Scottish, raised to be a traditional Catholic, though he is now agnostic, MacDonald was reared in a small Wisconsin town best known for the children's clothes that carry its name.
Strange credentials indeed... Mr Greenberg, you are a putz. That's official, you can apply to the Elders' HQ for a pin, a sticker for your car and a pointy hat. Midwest Americana - can't you say Oshkosh Wisconsin without stammering? Duh...

Anyhow, about the professor. He is David Duke's friend, and it's high time for a person who calls on Elders for assistance to know that His Dukeness is one of our, albeit outmoded, field units. And as such, his friend is protected and so hands off.