09 May 2008

Miscellaneous reading

It's always nice to know that someone thinks about us: UNRWA: Refuge Of Rejectionism.

Yes, we elected a President who appears to have been a thoroughbred sleazeball, and our Prime Minister is now in the thick of his fifth criminal investigation. But hey, we’re alive, our economy is very strong, our democracy works, and even if we don’t know where we’re going, we’re still standing, and that’s a lot given what’s happening around us. Israel at 60.
Do we have a right to exist? Mmm... a good question. Do we need to ask it? No, but some people do. Them one-stater morons.

Suspend your cynicism? Never. But can Israel reach a goal of $50,000 a year per capita product (more than double the current $23,000) by 2028? Easily, what with the dollar going down steadily at the current tempo...

Zoology is becoming the strongest hobby of Mahmoud the Mad, it seems:
Israel has come to its end like the dead rat it became after it was beaten in the (Second) Lebanon War.
Nu nu...

Have a nice day.


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