29 May 2008

The UCU boycott malady strikes again

Let's assume (that's for you to assume, I shall not do so) that you are a chief of a worker's union. That your ability to do good to the members of your union is limited to non-existent (your members are eggheads with no ability to close a road or two, to disconnect electricity in even a small village or to make the sewers shoot their contents back anywhere). And you are desperate to show that you are doing something.

Then you have a few functionaries in your union have a bee in their bonnet about a place so remote that most of other members, not to mention the general population, don't rightly know where it is and don't give a flying donut about it, frankly. You may not even like these functionaries very much, given as they are not really of your general egghead category (you know, the ones who teach, research and stuff) but mostly what they are good about - functionaries. For the lack of something better to do, you know.

OK, assuming you are all that and that you need to show some action to your union, when you really cannot show much - what do you do? Of course, you let these functionaries wag he dog, in the much tested and proven tradition. You let them Boycott that shitty little country. After all, it is so far away and the chance it will send its warplanes to bomb your office is so remote. And your union members will see that you DO something proactive and go home happy. Or, at least, distracted...

The only issue you have to resolve now: what to do next? You cannot boycott twice, after all.

Or can you?

More (a lot more) on the whole shebang - here by David Hirsh.

And here by Ben Cohen.

And this is enough for a while. Now, you may ask, should you give a flying donut about the story? I cannot rightly say...