01 May 2008

Agenzia delle Entrate - wow, that's heavy, dudes!

From this blog:

...news comes from Italy that the Agenzia delle Entrate – the department of revenue - has made available online for all to see citizens’ annual incomes, searchable by anyone with an Internet connection.
I got to read it three times, I swear. I mean, I could know what that cat from across the street who drives a Ferrari and is partial to hair gel makes a year? And how much is my partner hiding from the department of revenue? And... wow, I still cannot get it down.

But the most amazing part is this:
What’s interesting about this story is that one might expect general outrage at the revenue department’s initiative to make such highly personal data public. But a quick look at two online opinion polls published by two of the major national newspapers shows that the outrage is not as widespread as it might be believed. At the time of writing this, sixty four percent of the readers who replied to the poll answered that they saw nothing wrong with the initiative – while 34 percent of respondents replied that making data available online was too much (La Repubblica).
It mean what? Confusion...
Nah, not really. I have just decided to air the good ole Mr. Confusion here. The conclusion must be crystal clear to all. Maybe even to the Italian department of revenue, who should be really worried by now...

What is sure that Italian folks are really hoopy froods who know where their towel is. And more power to them!